All-State Minson Vo

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“When you’re not practicing, your competitors are.”

That was said by George Bush High School’s very first all-stater from the band program. Minson Vo, a sophomore, arrived his freshman year and very quickly landed himself a spot in the Wind Ensemble. His playing was astounding, and it was clear to his peers that he was very committed to his euphonium. His freshmen year, he’d placed at Area, but barely missed a spot as an all-stater.

However, he worked tirelessly over the summer up until the first region competition this past semester in December. He ended up placing first in the region. Then again he practiced his average time of 20 hours each week and took some private lessons along the way until Area arrived. Minson placed first at the area competition that was held on Saturday, January 12th.

“The work I put in that really separated me from my rivals was the work I didn’t want to do and I would like to see other people follow this path after I pave the way,” said Minson, “I started playing in sixth grade, and I was terrible at it.”

As Minson prepares for his next competition, he plans to practice smarter than he did this past year to maintain his place as the top euphonium in both the region, area, and perhaps the entire state of Texas.

By T.C.

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