Career Day

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On Friday January 25th and Friday February 8th, 2019, the Bronco’s showed up to both Hodges Bend and David Crockett Middle School to showcase what the high school has to offer them. Several clubs and organizations including  Student Council, the Illustrious Illusions, several Honor Societies among others, attended. Several clubs’ presidents had positive things to say regarding upcoming freshman from both schools.

“The 8th graders were very open to trying new clubs and were signing up left and right. I’m excited that all these clubs are gonna have the new members meaning new officers with new ideas.” senior Emily Hernandez said.

The president of the Math Honor Society liked the idea of Career Day and what it means for these upcoming freshmen.

“I feel great to know that they have the same organizations I was a part of. I feel like joining these clubs can and will help them academically and socially.” said senior Charles Igwe.

Some of the club members were nostalgic to be back at their old middle schools and were happy to see and talk to their old teachers.

“The Hodges Bend Career Day was a fun experience, especially since that was the middle school I attended 4 years ago. It feels good to inspire these 8th graders to be involved in their future high schools because someone did that with me when I was there. It was nice to talk to some of my old teachers because time flies.” said senior Linda Fulcher.

All of the Bronco clubs had many sign ups and are looking forward to seeing new faces in the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.

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