Academic Decathlon: Brian Wong

Brian Wong, senior, an AP student and a student athlete, took on the challenge of joining Academic Decathlon his senior year. Wong was approached by a past team member his junior year, and was convinced that this was something he wanted to do.

“My favorite teacher, Ms. Darling, was the coach and all my teammates were already my close friends,” Wong said. “We already had a great bond, so I know we would’ve made a great team.”

Friday, February 8th, 2019, Wong participated at Regionals and knew he could’ve done better.

“It was hard to focus on both school and the competition, but I tried my best to study my speech and the subject packets so I wouldn’t let my team down,” Wong said. “Going to Regionals has taught me that many individuals everywhere are extremely intelligent and that I need to step up my work ethics.”

The Academic Decathlon team is made up of all seniors this year, so next year Ms. Darling will have a brand new team.

“I hope they’ll raise their standards beyond those of their predecessors,” Wong said. “It gives everyone a way to see how those outside of our school are and take on different competitions that might help our future academic studying strategies.”

Wong learned a lot from his experience in Academic Decathlon. He will take all the skills from AcaDec to college and hopefully it will help improve his academic performance.

By V.N.