JROTC State Competition!

On Friday, February 22nd, George Bush High School’s very own NJROTC will be taking an overnight trip to yet another state competition. We wish them the very best as they head out, and have high hopes for them to return home with the same streak of success that their legacy entails.

Natalie Baca, an MPO in the program, responded that the legacy puts quite a lot of pressure on them because they have to uphold it. They know what the student body expects and they don’t want to break the legacy. They have practices every day both in the morning and after school to prepare.

“First, we have to qualify for Regionals. Regionals means the schools around us in this district and other districts. Then, we have to pass state qualifiers before we’re able to compete at the state level,” Baca said.

They compete at State this Saturday, and the participants include the following 49 members:

Akujor, Stanley

Alabi, Khairat

Alvarado, America

Anyanwu, Chibunna

Baca, Natalie

Benitez, Aileen

Berdejo, Emely

Cardenas, Michelle

Carranza, Paulina

Carrasco, Fernando

Cervantes, Brenda

Chavarria, Cenia

Coleman, Sherwin

DeLeon, Abraham

Escobar, Isabella

Flores, Walter

Gonzalez, Osvaldo

Hamza, Fatemah

Hamza, Hamza

Hernandez, Arnoldo

Houston, Mykaela

Hurtado, Jade

Jaramillo, Kevin

Lacaben, Necita

Ladipo, Oluwadamilola

Lam, Huy

Luong, Emily

Martes, Erlyn

Mosquera, Elvis

Msungi, Brandon

Nguyen, Britney

Nguyen, Jeremy

Nguyen, Nicholas

Nzere, Goodness

Olasehinde, Ifeoluwasemipo

Pardillo, Rosalia

Perez, Daniela

Perez, Johnny

Rios, Willie

Rodil, Gene

Ruiz, Ximena

Sheikh, Aresha

Toledo, Cynthia

Tran, Danny

Tran, Kyle

Vu, Nathan

Williams, Joshua

by T.C.