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On February 11, 2019, through February 14, 2019, Student Council announced that there would be a “Be-YOU-tiful” week. Each day was dedicated to promote self love and make everyone feel appreciated. On Monday, students were encouraged to wear hoodies and sweatpants. On Tuesday, Student Council members made a mural in the commons that read “BE-YOU-TIFUL!” out of colorful hearts. On Wednesday, Student Council officers lined up near the entrances of the school, handed out lollipops, and held up posters that had compliments and words of encouragement. On Thursday, Compliment Cards were handed out to students to end the week with compliments.

The week was dedicated to improving the mental health of those who think lowly of themselves. Daisy Mayorga, Student Body Vice President, thought it was a good way to show awareness.

“We hoped it helped the student body by raising their self esteem,” Mayorga said. “The week was to remind everyone that you’re beautiful just being you!”

Ryan Quiej, Sophomore class president, really enjoyed having this week.

“Be-you-tiful week was a really good idea and I believe it filled people with confidence and made them more conscious to how they treat other people and how they see themselves physically and mentally,” Quiej said. “To improve minor things we should promote it more before hand, but I think it was very successful.”

By V.N.

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