Spring Break: 2019

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Spring Break starts today at 2:45, Broncos!

Grades are due this week so be sure to stay on top of your classes and turn in any missing assignments to end the grading period without any worries on your mind. Be ready to do your absolute best when you come back to finish the year off the right way. The seniors are especially excited for what the break is bringing.

“I’m really happy that we’re going on break. I think we really needed a break from school. My friends and I are gonna have fun this year, for sure,” senior Michael Rivera said.

There’s a lot of fun things to do if you stay in the city. Take a visit to the Rodeo and the various museums and represent Bush with class and character.

Be sure to stay safe and have a fun break from school. We’ll see you here bright and early on March 18th, Broncos.

By G.V.

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