Tennis-Corpus Christy

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The Bronco Varsity tennis Team recently embarked on one the most difficult tournaments of the year. The Corpus What-a-burger tournament attracted schools from far and wide to compete. From top ranking state players, all the way too the recreational level, this tournament was literally for everyone.

“Getting a chance to play kids from different walks of life will always be a good opportunity for you guys. Now is the time to really make a name for ourselves.” Coach Clark said.

The tournament lasted 3 days. Out of the Varsity group, 4 players were able to successfully defeat their brackets and emerge with medals. Jennifer Vu, Adam Nguyen, Stacy Lee and Alex Bayona came out as champions defeating schools like A&M consolidated.

“Getting the chance to play out here was great. I can’t wait to show my mom my medal!” Bayona said.

By D.A.


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