Girls Soccer Last Game

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the Lady Broncos soccer team played their last game of the season against Travis High School.

JV captain, Farah Omari, explained how much she will miss playing with her team.

“Playing the last soccer game of the season made me realize, how much I was going to miss this team. It was a great year for us,” Omari said.

For many seniors like Mariel Gonda, it would be the last time playing on the team.

“I felt sad, but I knew I left my heart on the field,” Gonda said.

Teammates like Irlanda Vega also felt sad it would be their last game with their seniors.

“It was sad to realize the season was coming to an end and that it would be the last time playing with our seniors. It was a really good season and I’m proud of the team,” Vega said.

By. J.O.