From Seniors to the Underclassmen

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The seniors are getting ready to graduate, and looking back on all they’ve learned in the past four years, they’re offering their advice and wise words to the underclassmen.

Some of the advice was about friendship.

“Choose your friends wisely; sometimes a friendly face isn’t so friendly. Be careful who you tell your personal business to, because sometimes telling a few people can result in many knowing,” Gabby Corona said.

Some of the advice was about your grades.

“Stay on top of your grades. Your freshman year is what sets your GPA, and after it isn’t as easy as you think to work up from. Never procrastinate and always know when an assignment is due,”  Oluchi Fintan said.

Some advice given was even about your teachers.

“Being friends with your teachers can help. Or at least try and stay on their good side, sometimes they may cut you some slack. Never argue with them, and remember they only want to see you succeed,” Nabil Badaoui said.

It’s always good to try and participate in clubs and organizations.

“Try to figure out what you’re interested in. Sports aren’t for everyone, but there are many clubs and extracurricular activities you can join in.” Journi Hodge said.

Some advice is simple yet extremely effective.

“Try to pass everything. You need as many credits as you can get, so that you don’t spend your last year making everything up,” Darin Galvez said.

By D.R.

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