Autism Awareness Walk

On Friday, April 12, 2019 Best Buddies will be hosting an Autism Awareness Walk at George Bush High School.  The event will be held during 6th and 7th period (1:00-2:45). Autism also known as autism spectrum disorder is a genetic developmental disorder characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication, and by restrictive or repetitive patterns of thoughts and behaviors.

“Please come out and support for not only the awareness, but the inclusion for change for autism. Knowing people support autism shows the world is going into the right direction,” president of Best Buddies, senior, Jonathan Williams said.

To go to the walk you must sign up beforehand. Best Buddies has a table set up in the cafeteria at lunch, the last day to sign up for the walk is next Wednesday, April 10. It is recommended that participants wear walking shoes and a baby blue shirt. Make sure to show up and show out to the Walk for Autism Awareness, Broncos.

By I.B.