Girls Soccer Senior Night

On March 08, 2019 the girls varsity team played Austin High School for their senior night. Their friends and family came out to support them at their last home game. Before the game started, the seniors walked to the middle of the field as their names were called and a speech by them was read by Coach Rob. They were escorted by their friends and family and were given gift baskets and posters decorated in honor of them.

Senior Emily Hernandez felt very emotional about one of her last times being on the field.

“It felt so unreal that after four years of playing, it was all coming to an end,” Hernandez said. “I felt sad that this part of my high school experience was coming to an end, but I also felt excitement for what the future holds after high school.”

They spent a lot of time working and preparing the underclassmen to fill their shoes. Senior, Emma Larios knows that they have a bright future ahead of them.

“They should keep working on their skills and never let anyone push them around,” Larios said. “Don’t let some coach make you lose your passion for a sport you love.”

Many students play sports while in high school and senior. Daisy Mayorga believes it helped her work ethic in school.

“It helped me divide my time up with other important things,” Mayorga said. “It has taught me to be strong and to prepare yourself for the task at hand. Soccer has been the biggest stress reliever. We leave everything out on the field and all our feelings come out when we play. Season is probably when we are the happiest.”

By V.N.