Pals applications have been released in room L106, Ms. Simmons room. The acronym P.A.L.S. stands for Peer Assistant Leadership. The Pals class takes place during 5th period, and the students mentor elementary and middle schoolers twice a week and plan projects and activities around the school. If you are interested in being a leader, adviser for younger children, or impacting your community Pals is the organization for you. Jenesis Davis, a member of Pals, explains why you should join this organization.

“You get the chance to mentor the younger generation and help them grow, and become amazing, hard working, and educated people,” Davis said.

Judith Onuwa, a recommended candidate, explains why she would join Pals.

“Joining Pals would give me the opportunity to give back to my community, and work with children.” Onuwa said.

Pals packets are due on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. Please consider joining!

By T.P.