Nabil Badaoui

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Time is ticking and graduation is around the corner! Although this moment has been very anticipated, there comes a certain fear for the unknown along with it.

“I have been at Bush all four years; clubs and sports weren’t for me, but my main focus was my academics. I am not passing everything like I would like to. I plan on attending college, but first I want to get basics out of the way,” said senior student, Nabil Badaoui.

Nabil lived in Lebanon for five years with family after being born and living in Houston for six months.

“Coming back to Texas was confusing for me, They wanted me to enjoy life with my family in Lebanon, but always planned to have me go to school here. Although I love it there, and visit occasionally, I’m glad I came here for my schooling. If I had to give any up-and-coming senior advice, it would be not to let your work stack up. I did that, and now I’m rushing to complete everything before time runs out.” Badaoui said.

By D.R.

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