…and they danced happily ever after

On April 26 and 27, 2019 the Illusion Varsity Dance Team put on their annual spring show. These very talented dancers captured and took us through their interpretation of different books and stories. They had dances relating to Hunger Games, Snow White and the Huntsman, Peter Pan, and many more. The stunning Stampede Dance Team and Dance 1-4 were also featured in this showcase. The Captain of the Illusions Dance Team, Jayda Winters, speaks on how their performances will impact the audience members and next years team officers.

“It’s our last spring show, and I feel we’ll let the legacy continue by making the audience feel good and emotional, because this is our last time dancing on the stage. This spring show will be able to set an example for next years members and next year I know they’ll be able to lead the team to greatness,” Winters said.

Historian of the Illusion Dance Team, Layla Penrice reflects on her favorite past memories from being on the team.

“My favorite part about being an Illusion was contest season. This year was super fun, because of the insane bus rides and coming home with winners circle and first place. It was very significant to me and it’s something I’ll remember forever, ” Penrice said.

Co-Captain, Caroline Caguioa describes how performing for the last time as an Illusion feels.

“Our last year participating in spring show will be really bittersweet, but were still going to have that thrilled feeling from our family and friends being there,” Caguioa said.

By T.P.