The Band’s Wind Ensemble Goes to UIL!

The Varsity Wind Ensemble in the band program went to UIL on Friday, April 26, 2019, under the direction of Marcus Daniels. The Ensemble received three challenging pieces of music when the second semester began this January, and rehearsed them endlessly.

There were many days where the ensemble didn’t feel like playing in the slightest, but they went along with a persistence that was unchallenged.

Upon their arrival, they were calm and collected as they prepared for their 2:30 performance time. The light on the stage illuminated the successes that would come from months of grueling work. Tuba player and senior, Chibunna Anyanwu, recalls the moment Mr. Daniels signaled for the band to begin.

“It was calmer than I thought it would be, actually. The hardest piece we played would have to be “Overture to the Wasp,” but other than a brief bit at the beginning, and the end, I was incredibly absorbed in the performance. I can’t exactly remember what happened, or what exactly I did. I just know that it sounded amazing, probably the best we played that,” Anyanwu said.

The band gave an awing performance that touched the audience so much that a judge from the panel personally congratulated the head director of the band, Mr. Daniels.

“I thought UIL went well. I thought that the students played perhaps the best performance of our program that I’ve heard them play, and they were rewarded handsomely by the judges! I thought we did our best, and there are always things you can do better, but that was the best we could have done this year,” Mr. Daniels said.

The Wind Ensemble came home with straight first divisions on stage and straight second divisions in sight reading.

By T.C.