And They Began With An Assembly!

The G.B.H.S. class of 2023 was called out of Bronco Time before third period announcements, and told to head to the auditorium for a presentation done by the administration. They were introduced to the admin, and the slogans they use to influence life at school. One of the newest slogans being: “One team, one goal, no limits.”

Transitioning from junior high to high school is one that is infamous for it’s difficulty, and the administration are sure to do their part in helping them become familiar with the way the school runs. Homework labs, hallway expectations, and the locations of school offices were given, and are expected to be retained.

Mr. Bates, a member of our staff’s administration team, said they wish for their students to carry out “Bronco’s owning student success,” as well as, “Acting like a Bronco, thinking like a B.O.S.S.”

“We wanted to set that foundation for our expectations, and each person on the admin team was responsible for presenting each category,” Mr. Bates said.

“You need to stay on task because no one else will worry about you, so worry about yourself and nothing else,” said, freshman, Diane Mwamikazi.

Many freshmen were positively influenced by the assembly, and continue to come to school and abide by the new expectations. The class of 2023 is consistent in acting like a Bronco and thinking like a B.O.S.S.

By T.C.