Spirit Day

On Thursday, August 29, George Bush High School had their first spirit day of the year. A pep rally was held at all lunches. Performances were made by the Illusions, Cheerleaders, and the band.  The band came out with songs they traditionally play at  football games. The Illusions made a special appearance, and did a dance routine with pom poms.

Jazalynn Johnson prepares herself mentally by making sure she memorizes all of her routines.

“As Sr. Lieutenant on the Illusions, I prepared myself mentally by making sure that I had all the stand routines memorized and by making sure I was being a leader for the team,” Johnson said.

Jazalynn Johnson also prepares her team by making sure the rookies knew the dances. “I prepared the team by making sure the rookies knew the stand routines and that our returning Illusions remained sharp and acted as examples for the rookies. We practiced being sharp, and in line in order to be in sync for our stands,” Johnson said.

By E.O.