Life in a Lens

In high school and life in general, discovering a purpose and/or a passion is a common goal for many but it isn’t exactly easy. Many would consider those who have learned that part of themselves early on in their lives to be lucky. George Bush High School Student, Jedric Magat, is one of the lucky few that can demonstrate what it means to truly be passionate when it comes to a hobby or craft.

Born in Maywood, New Jersey and raised in Houston, Texas, seventeen year old Jedric Magat is an advocate for expressing creativity and committed to a unique variation of visual art.

“Current hobbies I love to do involve making clothes, taking film pictures and anything that allows me to work with my creativity. My passion is film-making and you can sort of call me an “event filmmaker”; which is self explanatory, but it’s when I go to different events like underground shows, car meets, and pop up shops. I also like to create short films with a story to them, clothing brand promotions, etc. At the moment I work with VHS cameras but hopefully in the near future I’ll move on to more professional, digital cameras,” Magat said.

Naturally, there must’ve been some form of inspiration or introduction that brought an initial interest and would eventually lead to something more. Coincidence or not, it can always come in different and many forms.

“I didn’t start holding a camera and editing until my freshman year but I’ve always been into cameras since I was young. A lot of old films have always inspired me, like Donnie Darko and The Butterfly Effect. Since both films are pretty dark and mysterious, it makes them very interesting to me. The Star Wars series also inspired me, the way they did certain scenes and improvised always amazes me. My brother and my friends helped me discover and pursue my passion, because they always believed in me and supported me. Of course I do the same with them as we’re all creatives trying  to make a living with what we love to do,” Magat said.

With every individual that has a dedication to a craft, a majority of the time there’s usually a goal or a dream that drives them to keep moving forward. Additionally, some would even have their own personal philosophy when it comes to what they love to do.

“My aspiration at the moment is to get my name out there, because when someone sees a film of mine, I want them to recognize that it’s something I made. When it comes to film, it’s all about the way you can view it and how. All films tell a story, whether it has an entire script and dialogue or no dialogue and is strictly movement. For example, when I film shows I personally try to match the song to the film so you can feel like you were there, to make it seem like you lived in that moment,” Magat said.

By G.R.