For The Love Of The Game

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George Bush High school varsity football player, Yohance Davis has had a passion for football ever since he came to Texas.

Yohance Davis is known for being in a position of an Offensive Liner. “I’m an Offensive Liner, meaning I protect the quarterback and running backs from getting tackled. I keep everyone in the back field,” Davis said.

Yohance explained the feeling being in football.  “Brotherhood with my teammates, and enjoying coming all together in one,” Yohance said.

Yohance shared his favorite memory about this sport. He came to Texas with high expectations for football and remembers this memorable moment ever since. “First time scoring was in the field, when coming to Texas. I scored, not knowing what was going on while holding onto the ball confused, but it was the best feeling,” Yohance said.

Yohance explained his love for football. He even explained how it helps him control his emotions. “The fact, that I can control my aggression, to project myself from having negative energy, to turn it positive. I express my aggression on the field instead of at someone,” Yohance explained.

Yohance just doesn’t enjoy the feeling of brotherhood, he prepares himself along with his teammates this year 2019 for districts. “I”m enjoying football so far, but I’m very content for district this year,” Yohance said.

Besides football, Yohance became close with his teammates throughout his football year in George Bush High School. “During the summer, my teammates and I became close. We all work in units.” Yohance said.

During practices and watching films of football, he learns more by understanding what’s going on in the field. “I enjoy learning aspects about teams and studying films. It’s more of a mental than physical game.” Yohance said.

by S.A.