The story of a real G by Mr. G

Kayvon Petry

Mr.G, also known as Christopher Guidry starts his story in Downtown Houston where he was born. Where his brother and auntie watched his mother give birth to him. As he grew up he was always the popular kid, straight, an “A” student and the teachers’ pet. He rarely  got in trouble and stayed away from drugs and guns. After he finished school he got into coaching and teaching at MeKelvie middle school for 6 years. Then he took a break from teaching for personal reasons. And then he came to teach another 6 years, and that is where Mr. G. and Bush High School meet. Mr. G. says he likes Bush High School because of the diversity, how wide spread the school is, and how people still come together. To end his story, he said that the toughest thing about teaching to him personally is not having a positive impact on students at home.

By K.P.