Hustle, Hit, and Win

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George Bush High School freshman football player, Jamon Cooley plays with a chip on his shoulder because he is the smallest player on the field.

Jamon Cooley,is known by playing in a position of slot receiver. “I’m a slot receiver which means I’m one of the smallest players on the field, and I’m a good run after catch player, “Cooley said.

Cooley explains the feeling of being in football. “It cant get any better than going to war with your brothers and putting everything on the line,”Cooley said.

Cooley shared a memory about this sport. “It is very passionate and even though I’m the smallest person on the field I still play like I’m the biggest; being small doesn’t mean anything to me. First time I ever stepped on the field, I was being laughed at because they compared my size to the rest of my team, and when I scored and how hard I hit, they were in shock, “Cooley said.

By D.D.