The Success of a Young Drum Major


The podium is unbalanced and unsettling like the nerves in her chest that catch her breath. Stadium lights glare down with the intent of allowing her to be seen by those behind and in front of her. Her arms out in front of her and her eye’s focused on the head drum major next to her, she delivers what the band needs as their first performance takes off.

Ariana Ponce is a prospering, young drum major in the eleventh grade. She has shown persistent dedication to the program, and at auditions last spring it was undeniable that one of the open positions was hers.

“Band has always been a symbol of strength and beauty to me. Being outside in the for hours or working on putting music together for months to ending on a fascinating show and on a great note,” Ponce said.

Her freshman year was terrifying during her first football game. Feeling naked, and uncertain of her place on the football field, she was thrust into her first performance. However, despite this fear she felt oddly at home. A familiarity set in that, maybe, shouldn’t have been there, and it was coming from her peers.

“All the positive energy that is created in the stands from the loud brass, and all of us dancing like no one is there, genuinely took my mind of it all. Which I think is amazing. Once we did do the show, everything felt like such a relief, because all the hard work paid off. Even though there were some blemishes and imperfections here and there, I felt it couldn’t have been any better,” Ponce said.

Being a drum major now has terminated any lacking momentum she had before. It felt minimal to her, and she had been going through the motions in everything she did. Excelling or passing by with minimal effort, and it just didn’t feel right. There was something missing, it seemed, and she couldn’t put her finger on it.

When they announced the names of the year 2019-2020 drum majors, there was a spark that lit up in her. It lit up, and it has stayed since. Growing past expectations, and growing past standards,. Far past the point of being predictable.

“Being a drum major made a difference in my life by showing me that you actually have to work at something if you want to succeed. I couldn’t be happier with all the bonds I’ve created. Especially with how far I’ve come especially in this program that I’ve learnt to love and appreciate,” Ponce said.

By T.C.