Coach Robertson

“A parent came in and the parent screamed and yelled at me for being a lousy teacher,” Coach Robertson said remembering one of her worst teaching memory. Coach Rob is not a stranger to being in a classroom. Being a teacher for a long time has taught her many things and given her many memories.

Coach Rob had many teachers that inspired her to become a teacher herself.

“I became a teacher because I love history talking about it and, I wanted to pass that on. I had two teachers that were instrumental to me becoming one.  If I wasn’t a teacher I probably would have done something like working with a group or doing research with a marine group. I love water and marine life.

Every teacher is nervous or scared their first year teaching and Coach Rob was no exception.

“I was scared to death. I was teaching 8th grade in Brownsville. I had one class where none of the kids understood English except for one student. I learned a lot and had a lot of good mentors that helped me out. Some of them are still my friends today,” Coach Rob said.

Over the years of her teaching, she has made many good and bad memories.

 “I guess one of the best teaching memories I have is when I was teaching in Los Fresno’s Texas and we were talking about World War 2. WW2 veterans came to talk to my class. One was a Pearl Harbor survivor and the other helped load the plane in Nagasaki. One of my worst memories was when I was in Los Fresno and I had some students who wanted to create a timeline. The timeline went all around the classroom and at that time Clinton was president. During an open house, a parent came in screamed and yelled at me for being a lousy teacher for letting them put on many controversial things on the timeline,” Coach Rob said.

When her mother got sick, she decided to move to Houston in order to get better health care for her mom.

“I moved to Brownsville, Texas after my father died.  Then, I moved to Houston to get my mother better healthcare. There was a job opening here and I took it. Unfortunately one year later my mom passed away, but I decided to stay,” Coach Rob said.

After teaching for a while, Coach Rob decided to start coaching.

 “I started coaching in Brownsville in 1989. I’ve been coaching for 27 years.  I took a few years off when my mom got sick. It’s challenging balancing teaching and coaching. You’ve got to have both lesson plans ready, stay on top of grading, watch the students and make sure they are eligible. I started coaching soccer when Coach Melissa Fox, the head of the soccer coach at the time, said she needed an assistant. I didn’t know anything about soccer, but she taught me and then I began to coach.”

Teaching and coaching have brought many great memories and new experiences. She hopes to continue teaching and sharing her love for history. Not only does she hope to continue teaching, but coaching soccer and making brand new memories.

By J.O.