Jaden Pete

Jaden Pete transferred to Bush last year from Thurgood Marshall with hopes of becoming the star quarterback Bush had been wishing for.  Because he was a late transfer, he wasn’t able to learn all the necessary plays, but he did pick up on the short and simple plays.  So he stepped into the season late and took over. With having that experience, along with the off-season training, he is looking to have a breakout senior year here at Bush.

“As a team, we need to be more connected; I feel as if we are all separated in our own individual ways,” Pete said.

His views on being the team leader have widened and he has learned that without his leadership, the team won’t go in the direction they should be going.

“I need to become a better leader in the locker room and not just on the field,” he said.

He is picking up on the areas where the team has been struggling, and he is learning how to adapt to help this team be successful.  Pete is very confident that the team’s recent loss will be viewed as a learning experience and will help the team better prepare for future opponents.  He is confident that this Bronco team is headed in the right direction, and if they keep on this path they will be successful in the long run.

by C.M.