Howdy to Monday!

With an excitable opening to Homecoming Spirit Week, Western Day was proudly participated in by the students at George Bush High School. On Monday, September 30, the student body closed out the month decked out in cowboy hats, and rural wear. They fastened their belt buckles and wore traditional jean – flannel combinations to honor olden times.

One of these hearty participants is Ariana Ponce. She is involved in multiple school activities and puts forth a lot of effort into what she does when she does it. Since her freshman year, now being a junior, she has actively participated in spirit days and gone “all out” with spirit.

“I decided to continue to go all out, but especially for the last two years that I have left in this school. I feel like it was a good start to the spirit week, and the seniors killed it! I believe the spirit of the game was heavily impacted by the student participation and we certainly took a dub,” said Ponce.

Christian Hernandez, also a junior, came to school in a collared denim shirt and a black western hat. He enjoyed participating in spirit week and made sure that he was a part of the activities. Despite having a memorable time participating in spirit week, he believes that the football team would have won with or without our participation.

“It was pretty cool seeing everyone dressed up considering that hardly anyone participated in the previous years that I’ve been here. There was a lot more spirit in the hallways, but the fact that we won the game was all the football team. I don’t think we impacted it very much,” said Hernandez.

Being a senior in high school is all about the last – first times. Monday, Western Day, was their last- first day of Homecoming Spirit Week. Natalie Baca, a proud participant and accomplished senior, showed up and showed out this past Monday.

“I enjoyed seeing my peers get out of their comfort zone and dress up western. I did want to go all out for my senior year, especially since I didn’t really participate the years before. It was a fun experience that brought many students together and it brought up the moral of the football team,” said Baca.

There was a lot of participation from students in all grade levels on the first day of spirit week, and the competition for the spirit stick was tight that day. With an outstandingly strong-spirited start to the week, Broncos showed their spirit with pride and thoroughly enjoyed their time at school.

By T.C.