Orange Out Day!

Orange Out Day!

For George Bush High School Homecoming week, Orange Out Day was a day where all students wore orange to represent school colors. On October 4, students showed a lot of creativity with face paint, mums, overalls, and orange shirts. “Orange Out day” was a memorable part of this week that many people participated in.

Many of our George Bush High School students shared their memorable experience with friends and creating new art ideas.

Adama Jah explained what she loved about her Orange out Day. “I was excited for the overalls I created, and to see how others decorated their own overalls and how many orange shirts I’ve seen everywhere.” Jah said.

Tianna Castillo enjoyed painting her legs and face with orange for our school spirit. “I painted my legs and face. I was also excited to see many creative overalls.” Castillo said.

However, Nicholas Selesi didn’t really enjoy painting himself orange and wearing orange. “I didn’t enjoy it much because this is my second year in Bush High School, I know Senior Year it’ll be different.” Selesi said.

Emmanuel Okene, in his second year at Bush High School, pretty much enjoyed orange out with friends. “I bought crocs and wore a 2017 shirt that has Bush vs. Kempner.” Okene said.

This day gained a lot of memories for many students, along with their friends and teachers.

Tianna Castillo enjoyed being creative with paint and dance with students during lunch. “Me painting my legs for creativity, and dancing with students in the lunch room, a long taking pictures to save for memories.” Castillo said.

Emmanuel Okene mentioned making friends with some seniors and he enjoyed being with them on this day. “I took some pictures with some seniors and also hanged out with them.” Okene said.

Adama Jah enjoyed her Homecoming Orange Out Day. “I enjoyed it because this is my last year in High School, and I really hope we all get to use our overalls again in our future events.” Jah said.

Nicholas Selesi also made senior friends, and he made a memorable day with them. “yes, I enjoyed it because I made senior friends, and although their will be many events, but it won’t be same when the seniors leave.” Selesi said.

All of this students, can’t wait for more events for this year 2019-2020. They planned on making it memorable for themselves and a long with friends.

Adama Jah explained how she is excited for coming events for her last year in Bush High School. “Yes, I am excited. I want to be able to participate in more events than last years.” Jah said.

Tianna Castillo is also excited for more upcoming events, especially for Hispanic Heritage Month in part of October. “I’m excited it’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and I can’t wait to wear my dress for this month.” Castillo said.

Emmanue Okene’s response wasn’t to excited. “It depends on what other events we have this year .” Okene said.

Nicholas Selesi is more than excited to join more upcoming events this years. “I am excited, for more creativity this year and going all out with my friends.” Selesi said.

By S.A.