Throwback to Throwback Day !

History was re-made on Thursday October 3, as the students of Bush High School resembled iconic people and moments from pop culture for Throwback Day! Hallways filled with blasts from the past and an crowd of people that embodied the word nostalgia. It was impossible to go through the day without feeling déjà vu at least once!

As the school was flowing with participants for this day, the atmosphere was significantly positive and jubilant. There were countless people that felt the excitement and school spirit in the air.

“The throwback atmosphere made me feel happy at the amount of people actually participating in these school events,” Natalie Baca said.

With the actual amount of participants in mind, it was very clear that school spirit was far from lacking!

“I noticed how many people were participating and my thoughts on that were that most people looked like they went all out and were showing spirit on homecoming week,” Aileen Benitez said.

Throughout the day, there was a great variety and tons of diversity with the way people dressed. Some participants were very similar in style and others were completely different. Ranging from people dressing up in an 80’s fashion to a whole dinosaur!

“I feel like it was very interesting to see people’s perspective on the idea of throwback,” Sarena Williams said.

With everybody having different ideals and interpretations of the term “throwback”, it’s only natural that there were certain people that stood out from the rest.

“I saw a guy dressed up as Jesus. I thought it was funny because I never would have thought about doing that and he took the term throwback to another level,” Paulina Carranza said.

All in all, many would say that Throwback Day was a success! From creatures to characters to fashion, it’s as if a majority of the school was a cast for a retro TV station.

By G.R.