Bush vs Kempner Homecoming Game

The Varsity football team defeated  Kempner High School. The game took place on Saturday, October 5, at 1 p.m. The Broncos had a good win against the Cougars. The Broncos had the lead the whole game.

The Broncos scored their first touchdown within the first five minutes of the game. The touchdown was scored by sophomore Nelvens Borgella.

Our very own Illusions danced at the game. Laura Roncancio is a senior rookie on the Illusions.

“I felt nervous because we weren’t dancing a routine, but I still didn’t want to mess up for the team,” said Roncancio.

“I think we were very sharp and maintained a good amount of energy from the stands,” said Roncancio.

Homecoming game is a tradition that takes place every year. There is a nomination for each grade to see who will represent their class. For class of ’23 it was Karrisa Sanders and Devon Massey. The representatives for class of ’22 was Gabrielle Lizama and Noel Obi. Sasha Campbell and Jarrin Sanders represented class of ’21.

Class of 2020 was the real deal. There five nominees for King and Queen, but there could only be one winner from each side. Dj Stewart and Valeria Pineda represented their senior class of 2020 as Homecoming King and Queen.

The Homecoming court was introduced on the football field during halftime of the game.

During the second half of the game the scores were very close. The score was 14-12 and the Broncos had the lead. Bush scored the last and final touchdown to seal the deal. The final score was 21-12.

By E.O.