Marching Band UIL

This year’s Marching Band Season came to a close on Tuesday, October 22, when the Bronco Band went to the 2019 Marching UIL. With a performance time of 8 p.m. that evening, the band began to prepare themselves as early as 3 p.m. that afternoon. They’d been practicing eagerly since late July, and with the contest it was all meant for merely a few hours away, the students began to narrow their focus.

Drum majors Emmanuel Ogu, Tianna Castillo, and Ariana Ponce were instructed to prepare the band for UIL, and they did so smoothly. Getting the band to warm-up outside in the student parking lot was the first task they had before the final run-thru began.

“The energy was higher, people were more focused and they were ready to put their final performance on. For the seniors it was probably more emotional because it would be the last time that they would go to contest for marching band,” Ogu said.

The class of 2020 in the Bronco Band has been through a tough four seasons with this final contest, and it was an emotional revelation to them to acknowledge that it was over. Going through three changes in the head band director position and one change in the assistant band director position, they’d been a little rocky on their feet at the start of their final season.

“I felt passively optimistic about the new director. I was hesitant because of my situation and I didn’t know if I would make it, but I did in the end,” senior, Chad Barret, said.

When it came down to it, July still arrived, and members of the band reported in for the first full day of camp. This was where they met their new head director, Mr. Christian.

“Honestly, I expected that there would be many ups and downs, but ultimately that it would end on a positive note. I think the band had a very focused and energetic performance culminating the entire marching season this Tuesday,” Mr. Christian said.

The band’s performance resulted in a 2nd division rating, which is excellent according to the official UIL rubric. While they’ve gotten 1st division ratings consistently in the past, the band still feels that they had a good run without sticking to what their standard had originally been. As seniors leave with the closing of their last season, juniors through sophomores will be stepping up to the table where more challenges will have to be met and expectations must be exceeded.

By T.C.