A league of their own

A league of their own

The Varsity Volleyball Broncos faced Dulles high school at Bush High School in the gym. This happened Tuesday, October 23rd at 7 p.m. The Broncos had a hard loss; their last regular season is coming to an end.

Varsity Volleyball Player, Francesca Daza did learn something from this season.

“What I learned so far was nothing is given to you easy, there will always be others who are bigger and better than you but it comes down to who wants more at the end of the day.” Daza said.

Francesca mentions their practices, on how they work together to better themselves during games. “During practices we normally work on defense and communication to help our performance be better when we play.” Daza said.

Francesca has felt support by the fans this season.

“Yes, I’ve felt supported by the fans this year.” said Daza.

Daza gave advice for the team to better themselves during games and one another “As a team, one thing we could do better in is taking constructive criticism from others without catching an attitude” Daza said.

By S.A.