Mrs. Darling

“Students would break out in tears and I would feel I would feel bad because I felt like I haven’t done my job,” said Mrs. Darling remembering her worst teaching memory. Starting out in a science lab to becoming a science teacher, Mrs. Darling shares her journey and love for science and teaching.

While becoming a teacher wasn’t what she wanted to do for a living, Mrs. Darlings’ interest to teach slowly grew.

“I didn’t want to be one at first. I worked in a laboratory and I loved it. Part of my job was to facilitate projects for middle school and high school students and I started to think of how I looked forward to that and how much I enjoyed doing it. I think I wanted to the type of teacher I’ve never had. One that was interested in not only what I taught but in my students.” Mrs. Darling said.

After teaching for so long Mrs. Darling has made many great but has also made some bad memories.

“Early in my teaching career student would be struggling in class and they would break out in tears and I would feel so bad because I felt that I haven’t done enough for them to get the subject. My best memories are where I’ve fostered an interest in a student in a student or asked a question that made a connection with that student. I’ve had students that said they were never interested in science until they took my class,” Mrs. Darling said.

Mrs. Darling explains how her love for science grew.

“I’ve always loved science. When I was five years old they told us to draw ourselves in the future. I drew a picture of myself in a lab coat holding a test tube. If I wasn’t a teacher I would probably be back in the lab,” Mrs Darling said.

She also explains how she ended up teaching and working at Bush High School.

“I was not traditionally trained to be a teacher at the time and this is the place that hired me. I stayed because this is home,” Mrs. Darling said.

Mrs. Darling does not only teach science but she also sponsors many school clubs and organizations.

“Its difficult balancing teaching and managing clubs but in the end it’s worth it. Some of them just kinda happened and other kids asked e to do it. Out of all the clubs NHS takes up the most time and work,” Mrs Darling said.

Mrs. Darling hopes to keep teaching and sharing her love for science with her students.

By J.O.