Ms. Salinas

Ms. Salinas’s story starts in the cold city of Chicago, where she and her four siblings were born.  Later on, she and her family moved to Houston, where she grew up and met her calling, teaching.

She started teaching at 24 years old at local school in downtown Houston. Ms. Salinas that the most toughest thing about teaching is students getting distracted.

“A lot of times students tend to get distracted or distract themselves by distracting each other, or the biggest one, cell phones,” Ms. Salinas said.

She said the easiest thing about teaching is connecting with her students.  “I really get to know them on personal basis.” Ms. Salinas said.

She described her experience of teaching at Bush as a learning experience. “It has been overall years of growth and becoming a better person every year, and treating people the way I want to be treated.” Ms. Salinas said.

Students like Madison Bodwin have gave her compliments on being a very nice teacher, and Stephanie Amaya has said she is a very passionate  teacher and takes her work very serious.

Her message to all students 9th-12th is take your time and stay focused, do not rush life it will eventually catch up to you when its your time.

By K.P.