Bush vs Dulles

The Broncos defeated the Dulles Vikings on Friday, October 25, at 7 p.m. The game took place at Mercer Stadium, and the score was 28-6. The Broncos had a great win. Sophomore Donovan Nixon started at running back and scored 3 touchdowns.

“It was like a dream turned into reality being able to start in a varsity football game,” Nixon said.

The first touchdown of the game was scored by the quarterback Jaden Pete. The Broncos were playing strong on both offense and defense the whole game in spite of the cold weather.

“I was just looking at the end zone running at full speed until I passed the touchdown plane,” Nixon said.

Donovan Nixon scored the second touchdown of the game. This game was memorable for him. He was able to shine and show his true talent because he was finally starting.

The Dulles Vikings scored their first and only touchdown around the ending of the first quarter.

“I felt like everybody was able to see my true talent because I was underrated. I can’t stop here I have to keep going,” Nixon said.

The Broncos had the lead the whole game and never lost it. This was their first game they won after losing two games in a row to Ridge Point and Elkins High School.

The coaches were amazed and excited by the way Nixon and the Broncos played this past game.

“They were proud of my breakthrough. They knew I had it in me the whole time, but they were waiting to see me play to my full potential,” Nixon said.

This was a game to remember for the Broncos. Especially to Donovan Nixon, as he carried his team to victory. The next game is against Austin High School. This game will determine if the Bush Broncos will make it to the playoffs, but Bronco County knows that our Varsity football team will seal the deal against Stephen F. Austin High School.

By E.O.