George Bush High School’s Annual NJROTC Drill Meet

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Every year the George Bush High School NJROTC Unit takes one day out of the school year to host an annual drill meet, a competition that our school is known for because of the way it’s run. With multiple schools coming in and out to compete on our school grounds, each school with a different schedule, it takes a lot to keep things organized. However throughout the past years, our school has had a reputation of hosting a drill meet and having it run smoothly with no complaints. This year was no exception!

One difference between this drill meet and previous ones is that this meet was a bit bigger in the sense of participants. Our drill meet hosted various schools not only in the Fort Bend Independent School District but also around the greater Houston area. Although we had many schools attend, the Unit was still able to keep everything together and smooth.

“Overall, my take on the drill meet is that it was pretty put together and was pretty organized. If I could attend the meet again, I definitely would. Without a doubt,” Jared Taylor, from Mayde Creek High School, said.

“Very organized overall! The spacing and proximity of the marching drill areas being so close was ideal meaning we could move from event to event in a very timely manner,” Shanne Hoh, from Stephen F Austin High School, said.

Despite the fact that these schools came from different areas and districts all over Houston, the ROTC community has always been very close and familiar with one another.

“Something I really liked is that everyone from schools all over Texas showed up and they all knew each other. From the instructors all the way to the cadets, that being from past drill meets as well as leadership camps,” Taylor said.

For many cadets in the George Bush High School NJROTC Unit, this was their first time participating in a drill meet and the Senior Staff of the Unit is glad that they were able to have such a successful experience.

By G.R.