The Journey Is The Destination

The Journey Is The Destination

George Bush High School Red Ribbon Week started on, Monday October 28.  The first day was Tourist Day many students participated and made memorable moments.

Gene Rodil enjoyed dressing up for Tourist Day.

“We would wear an open flower shirt, it fell nice to feel the breeze,” Rodil said.

Emmanuel Okene, had fun dressing up.

“I enjoyed Tourist Day because, I got to wear my hat and sandals,” Okene said.

Gene would want this day to happen again. He felt comfortable with the outfit he had on.

“Yes, I would do it again because it felt comfortable and I like to look like a tourist,” Rodil said.

Emmanuel would do Tourist Day again, he had a memorable experience.

” Yes, I would because it was a fun experience,” Okene said.

Gene would miss dressing up for Tourist Day.

“Yes, because compared to the other days, Tourist Day was the easiest one,” Rodil said.

Emmanuel would also miss this event, it brought many memorable moments with friends.

“I’ll miss it because it was fun dressing up like a tourist, rocking the fit,” Okene said.

Gene made memorable moments with himself and the way he dressed.

“I had a memorable memory, I liked how everyone perceptions of a tourist. Someone wore a bucket hat, shades, Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and socks with slides,” Rodil said.

Emmanuel had a memorable memory with his seniors friends.

“I had a memorable memory because a lot of my senior friends it’s their last year, and it was fun making memories with them,” Okene said.

By S.A.