The Blome Story

Mr.Bloom is a fantastic art teachers at George Bush High School. He has taught at Bush for 6 great years.

Before Mr. Blome started working at Bush he worked at a camp called Kid-venture.

“Kid-venture was a summer camp and an before/after school program,” said Mr. Blome.

He worked there for 2 years where he met his wife, before he came to join Bush.

“Although I loved my job, it didn’t pay enough. Out of nowhere Bush, called me for a position to become an art teacher. I believe it was fate.” said Mr. Blome.

He enjoys working at Bush and hopes to work here for many more years.

“I enjoy teaching art because I get to give students the opportunity to explore, I have freedom, and flexibility for what I teach,” said Mr. Blome.

By M.B.