A Heroic Halloween Against Drugs!

Red Ribbon Week is regarded and treated as a spirit week where the student body gets together through joint participation against drugs. Having been around since 1988, the wall that increased participation builds continues to stand strong. Not many students actually know how long Red Ribbon Week has been around, and they forget it’s purpose.

“When I hear that it’s Red Ribbon Week, I just think that we get to dress up. Not many people acknowledge that it’s for drugs, and not a lot of them even care,” senior, Chad Barrett, said.

This is the opinion many students have developed due to some ignorance on the subject. They turn a blind eye to the meaning behind the week and use it as a week to express themselves.

“I see a lot of people dress up, yeah, but I don’t think it’s for the right reasons. Pretty sure nobody actually thinks about it being for drugs,” freshman, Patrick Castillo, said.

Members of the student body also believe the week just does nothing.

“I don’t think it helps protest against drugs because it takes smokers months to quit and druggies months to go through rehab,” senior, Louis Tran, said.

Despite the opinions surrounding Red Ribbon Week, students in all grade levels took heart to dressing up and saving Halloween. The theme being “Superhero Day” set off many, varying costume ideas throughout the building. Students wore face paint, animal-like accessories, full – body costumes, and more.

“A hero that stood out was this guy that came dressed as Jesus,” Barrett said.

By T.C.