Say No to Drugs and Red Out !

Red Ribbon Week at George Bush High School ended with a huge turnout as students wore red to symbolize their stand against drugs. The hallways were filled with students expressing their opinions about being drug free. This happened on Friday, November 1, and lasted the entire day.

Countless students enjoyed the day because they were able to experience a day that was easy to participate, and had a strong meaning.

“What I enjoyed about wearing red was that it was something different. I got to show out and it represented something good,” Ty Pham said.

Others also enjoyed how the day was able to express students opinions about being drug-free.

“Red Out Day was able to express student opinion because even though some people wear red just to wear red, they get informed about why they’re wearing red and get thanked for supporting being drug-free,” said Arnoldo Hernandez.

Participants also spoke about being very open and willing to the idea of participating again.

“It’s actually really fun to go out of your comfort zone to represent and show off,” Pham said.

By G.R.