Circus Pep Rally

On Thursday, October 7, George Bush High School had it’s last pep rally of the semester. The pep rally took place because it was the last district game against Travis High School. The theme  of the pep rally was “The Circus”.  This pep rally was special, students had to buy tickets.

Varsity football player Brandon Chambers really enjoyed this pep rally.

“This pep rally was way more hype, live, and more people were into it. We had more people believe in us,” Chambers said.

This pep rally was nothing like the previous ones. There were more activities that took place. There were performances by the cheerleaders, ASA, and our very own Illusions. There was also special performance by  rapper Yung Al.

This pep rally was  memorable to the seniors on the football team because it was their last high school pep rally.

This pep rally was almost like a farewell to all of the seniors in Marching Band, The Illusions, the football team, and to the cheerleaders.

By E.O.