All It Takes Is All You’ve Got


The Girls Varsity Basketball Broncos faced Cinco Ranch at Bush High School in the gym. This happened, Tuesday, November 13th at 7 p.m. The lady Broncos had a hard loss, but it won’t affect any of their district games.

Varsity Basketball player, Casey Thomas, has a goal for this basketball season.

“This season my goal is to work hard all the way through playoffs so we can make it together to state,” Thomas said.

Casey practices a lot to better herself during games; it’s not an easy practice.

“I work on studying the plays as if it were a test for school, to get the play right. I eliminate the chances of turn overs,” Thomas said.

When it comes to practices with the Girls Varsity Broncos it involves a lot of movement to help them shape them, and most importantly, better themselves for games.

“During practices we do a lot of running to keep us in shape and to be able to out run our opponents. We also work on shots we take in the game consistently for the best result on the court,” Thomas said.

Casey studies basketball films and points out where she should improve herself the most.

“To better myself for the next game, I watch films as many times as I can to work on the things that need the most improvement so it won’t be the problem for the next game,” Thomas said.

So far, Casey has felt supported by loved ones and friends when it comes to games.

“I feel a lot of support through my friends and family at school, by coming to games, buying my fan shirt, and also encouraging me to do my best on the floor,” Thomas said.

By S.A.