Cindy Lopez

Cindy Lopez is a senior at George Bush High School and is involved in various in school and after school  activities and sports.

The first one is softball where she plays varsity 1st and 2nd baseman.

She also helps the cheerleaders out with their fundraisers events and sometimes pep rally’s.

Additionally, she  also works as an office aid for the Counselors  office.

“It is so easy; all you have to do is walk around and give papers to people, but other than that, you just sit there the whole time.”  Cindy said.

And the one she said is “most important” to her is helping out at the day care. The children’s  ages vary from 1-7 and sometimes they get newborns. Cindy takes free time out of her day when shes out of school and dedicates herself to taking care of these children like their her own siblings.

All of this and she stills finds the time to keep good grades good behavior and a great attitude.

By K.P.