Victory for The President’s Own at the FBISD Drill Meet!

The President’s Own from George Bush High School showed up and showed out at the FBISD Drill Meet, bringing home a first place trophy as the Overall Winner of the Drill Meet. The competition was hosted at Travis High School and took place on Saturday, November 16.

After just competing at another Drill Meet in the previous week, the Unit had high expectations for this one and many wanted to perform better than they had before.

“I felt very happy with how everyone performed in comparison to our last competition. Leading up to it, everyone had done all their assignments on time so I already knew that we were going to perform to our best degree,” Osvaldo Gonzalez, the Operations Officer of the Unit, said.

Although this was an annual meet, the Unit had not competed at this particular meet for quite some time. With that being said, the Unit was unfamiliar with how different this meet was compared to their other competitions.

“Usually we compete against about 20 schools, this competition we were only competing against 5. This competition was a bit more rushed than other ones, but we made it work,” Khairat Alabi, the Adjutant Officer of the Unit, said.

For many, this competition was more than just a regular competition. Although the Unit qualified for State at the last competition, the Unit felt that their previous performance was unsatisfactory. This competition provided them with the chance to redeem themselves. It gave the Unit an opportunity to wake up and realize what needs to be done in order to set the tone for the rest of the year.

“This competition gave me some hope. I felt proud of those on the team. I saw the effort they put in and I’m hopeful for the future. This competition impacted the team positively in my opinion. I think the win may have given the team members a push to work even harder,” Alabi said.

Overall the competition had a lasting effect on the team. An effect that has the team in a better place than they were in before and one that will help them develop a sense of growth.

“This competition made me feel confident in the fact that we have a good group of individuals who are capable of working as a team and winning it all. I believe this competition boosted the morale of the team mentally and is the beginning of something great,” Gonzalez said.

By G.R.