Poetry Slam


This poetry slam was held by Ms. Salinas in room L114 before Thanksgiving break.

Students from all her classes had to bring their favorite poem to class and present it to their class.

Even I had to present a poem titled Face which is seen below.


The identity of a person

Is ones own face

If the face is replaced


The face Projects

The way we feel

Our hidden emotions

Is what it reveals

From Pleasure to Pain

It expresses them all

That’s the beauty of the face

Whether Big Or Small


The face as its originality

Its owns rationality

It displays purity

Most of all ….. The face is the map of Personality


These poems will be hung up on the left side of Ms. Salinas classrooms where they can be seen my all students.

This is also one of the best poems is Fallen Star presented By Matthew Andrews.


They could never understand

What u set out 2 do

Instead they choose 2

Ridicule u

When you got weak

They loved the sight

Of your dimming

And flickering starlight.


How could they understand what was so intricate

2 Be loved by so many, so intimate

They wanted 2 see your lifeless corpse

This way u could not alter the course

Of ignorance that they have set

2 Make my people forget

What they have done for much 2 long

2 Just forget and carry on.


By K.P.