Broncos Football Playoffs

The Bush Broncos took on the Mayde Creek Rams 11/14/2019 in the first round playoff game.  Though most of the school supported the Broncos, some students stood firmly behind the Rams for one reason only, Donte Jones.  Jones is a transfer junior athlete from Bush High who can move just about anywhere on the field.  He started off playing quarterback, but also played some slot/receiver.

At the start of the game, both teams came out strong and hitting hard during this cold night.  In the starting drives both teams came up empty ending with a scoreless first quarter.  Making quick adjustments, the teams came out with even more force.  The Broncos came up with a tough turnover and managed to stick the ball into the end zone for a score.  But the Rams came right back to answer with a score of their own, ending the first half tied 7-7.

Coming out of halftime it seemed as if the Rams had all momentum pointing their way. They drove the ball down effortlessly on their first possession to add another 7 points to their total.  Though, the Broncos defense stepped up on their next possession to force a big time scoop and score.  But with momentum still on their side, the Rams came right back to answer with a score, ending the third quarter 21-14.

In the fourth quarter the Broncos threw their first passes of the game, managing to get one of them into the end zone for a score.  Although, the Ram’s running back stepped up to answer with another score, the game winning score actually.  With the ball back in their hands, the Broncos come up with one last chance to win the game.  Down 21-27 Bush puts the ball into the air hoping for a miracle, but the Rams manage to intercept the ball and seal the deal, ending the game 21-27 along with ending the Broncos season.

By C.M.