Thanksgiving Break Tendencies

This school year’s Thanksgiving Break began the second the final bell rang at George Bush High School on Friday, November 22 at 2:45 p.m. The school emptied out quickly as students scurried out, eager to go home for the week. At the moment, leaving school seemed like the most favorable thing out there, and it was the buzz of the school. However, after half the break has gone by, students are beginning to feel weighed down with boredom. Some even begin to look forward to going to school Monday, December 2.

“Honestly, all I did was lay around,” Samantha Garcia, senior, said.

Many of the students had the feeling that the break was boring and incredibly fast. They say that it barely felt like a break. Especially, with homework assigned over the break.

“For Aquatic Science we had a 50 question test to take over the break on Schoology. I got a 100, but I don’t understand why they’d assign that,” Chad Barrett, senior, said.

Thanksgiving break is a different experience with each year that comes. There are students that travel and there are those that do not. While the range of experience for a school break is always a wide spectrum, this year the opinion didn’t seem to change.

“It was a really boring break, and it flew by,” Emmanuel Ogu, senior, said.

Others took the opportunity of an uneventful school break to practice their skills and get ahead on their studies.

“I’ve practiced so much, especially during the break, that I had to lock up my instrument,” Minson Vo, junior, said.

As a whole, this year’s break was one that went by quickly. Students return to George Bush High School for the final two and a half weeks of the first semester as they prepare for finals. Success and nothing less Broncos!

By T.C.