Future Dreams Career Day

Future Dreams Career Day

George Bush High School students went on a field trip to David Crockett for their Career Day on Friday, November 22. Bush High School students that were in clubs, sports, and any other activities attended and talked to 8th graders about a future career they want to pursue.

Senior Offensive Lineman #73 Leke Asenuga  attended Career Day to talk to kids about football. He was also with his teammates Matthew Andrews, Cameron McMillan, Seyi Omotosho, Jalen Weatherspoon, and Naheem Owalabi. Asenuga taught 8th graders about opportunities from playing football in high school.

“There’s a lot of opportunities that comes with football like scholarships and preferred walk on to colleges,” Asenuga said.

Asenuga also enjoyed teaching 8th graders and having the experience to share it with his teammates.

“Being able to share my experience at Bush High School with the youth, and knowing that football would lead them unto better things for colleges,” Asenuga said.

Asenuga had fun being at David Crockett. He shared many memories with players.

“It was great, my teammates and I had a great time helping these young future Broncos figure out the next step in their high school life after 8th grade,” Asenuga said.

Asenuga would like to come back to Career Day, it taught him a lot just by interacting with the youth.

“That’s what I plan to do, coming back and teaching kids more about football,” Asenuga said.

It also brought 8th grade flashes to Asenuga. It gave him the memories of how high school kids back then use to talk to him about high school.

“There were some flashbacks; in middle school it felt like I was being recruited by the high school students,” Asenuga said.

By S.A.