George Bush High School NJROTC Unit Volunteers for the Houston Rockets!

The Cadets of the George Bush High School NJROTC Unit at the Toyota Center.

The Cadets of the George Bush High School NJROTC Unit at the Toyota Center.

The Cadets of the George Bush High School NJROTC Unit at the Toyota Center.

On Monday, December 9, 2019 a selected few from the George Bush High School NJROTC Unit were chosen to volunteer at the Toyota Center for the Houston Rockets game that evening. The Cadets did not know exactly what they would be doing that night, but were very eager and willing to help in any way they possibly could. Since there wasn’t an exact idea of what exactly they would be doing, there was a thrilling feeling in the air that sparked the interest of many that attended.

“I was excited to see how this opportunity would unfold. I was just so ready to hop on the bus and do whatever needed to be done,” Michelle Cardenas, the Commanding Officer of the Unit, said.

Immediately after the bell rang at the end of the school day, the select few gathered in the ROTC room before they eventually boarded the bus to Downtown Houston. As the Cadets of the program rode past the busy streets of Houston and observed the district of skyscrapers, their excitement only grew more. Upon their arrival at the Toyota Center, they were warmly welcomed by the employees of the stadium. Once gathered inside, the Unit was given their task of distributing Houston Rockets calendars to guests as they entered and were split up into multiple groups. Soon after, the Cadets went to their assigned positions at the front entrance where they would hand out calendars to guests after they checked in. It was busy work and the Cadets did their jobs until there were no more calendars left. As a reward for volunteering, the employees gifted the Unit with complimentary Rockets tickets and thus, they were allowed to enjoy the game for free.

This experience was definitely a memorable one for most of the Cadets, especially since it hasn’t been done before in the previous years. To make it even better, this opportunity was also some of the Cadet’s first time watching a Rocket’s game.

“It was my first Rockets game and it was lit. I got to see Harden and Westbrook play. When they said we could actually watch the game, I got super excited. The game itself was what I enjoyed most ,but I also enjoyed handing out the calendars. It was cool to see all the happy people walking in with smiles to see the game, and getting a free calendar. I would definitely do it again,” Francis Nwonye said.

By G.R.