Class Wars

George Bush High School has a Holiday Spirit Week. Class Wars was a day where all students wore their grades color. Freshman wore black, Sophomores red, Juniors green, and Seniors white. On December 11th, students wore their colors and showed out.

Emad Karoum and Tanisha Mercado had different experiences on Class Wars Day.

Karoum shared his experience about Class Wars, he felt that having the event twice shouldn’t have been reestablished.

“I feel that class wars shouldn’t have been reestablished again so early in the school year after having it done Hoco Week. It feels like this day is just going to pass by. I don’t really see many people wearing their class colors, and I don’t think they really care anymore,” Karoum said.

Mercado shared her experience of excitement with friends.

“It felt really good being able to participate on Class Wars once again with friends and seeing every student go all out, I enjoyed it,” Mercado said.

Karoum felt like having spirit this week shouldn’t have been in the middle of preparing ourselves for midterms.

“If the school was to do it again, they would have to do it a week where anybody will participate, there’s no point in spirit week if all our spirit is into studying and taking finals, all I really wanna say is that this week was not necessary for spirit week,” Karoum said.

Mercado felt great that Class Wars were brought up again during Holiday Spirit Week.

“I do think the school should do Class Wars again, it helped keeping students motivated and looking forward for more events,” Mercado said.

Karoum had many memories during the Hoco Class wars than Holiday Spirit Week.

“I made a lot more memories the first class wars, because it was senior sunrise and I was with my friends and had time to actually enjoy, relax, and take pictures. I felt like the school was more into the day, and had a lot more spirit showing out for their classes,” Karoum said.

Mercado had plenty memories during Class Wars more than Hoco week.

“I made plenty of memories than the first Class Wars, it was a Holiday Theme which made it even more exciting,” Mercado said.

Karoum felt like this weeks spirit was kinda off, since not many people knew about it.

“This weeks ideas felt kinda lazy to me, like they threw something together and called it spirit week. I didn’t even realized it was spirit week till Tuesday Dec 10,” Karoum said.

Mercado felt like this week was exciting, she saw many creativity in students.

“This week made me feel exciting to be able to see the new creative things going on, it’s always good to try new things and have fun doing them,” Mercado said.

Karoum didn’t enjoy this day, because not many people participated for Class Wars.

“I didn’t enjoy this day, mostly everyone didn’t showed out and didn’t show no creativity,” Karoum said.

Mercado enjoyed this day, because she participated with friends and showed out.

“Yes, I enjoyed this day. It was a fun week that I got to experience with my friends,” Mercado said.

By S.A.