Holiday String Concert

Tuesday, December 10, at 6:30 in the evening, the Orchestra held it’s annual winter concert. Admission was free to all that wished to attend, and attend they did. Devoted family members and friends filled the auditorium to listen in on the music the Orchestra has been rehearsing. The Orchestra is led by their teacher and main conductor, Dr. Runnels. He dedicates himself to music in school and out of it as well, conducting a symphony in his free time.

“I thought that overall, it went very well. It’s a pretty quick process, and even with the Thanksgiving break in the middle of all that, I’m proud of them,” Dr. Runnels said.

There were many traditional performances done at the concert. There was even a song played by the students that required no conductor! Dr. Runnels introduced the song to the audience before finding himself a seat in the back of the set-up to enjoy the music his students had created.

“Well we read through that music with me conducting a couple times, but they caught onto it fairly quickly. What’s more challenging about it was the key that it was in, with three sharps and many accidentals,” Dr. Runnels said.

At every concert the Orchestra holds, they mimic a surround sound speaker system. The students surround the audience in a shell of music and play their final song. It has a wonderful affect on those in attendance. An alumni in the audience, Ann Anugwom, enjoyed being on the receiving end of this tradition for a change.

“When I was in Orchestra, playing it, it was kind of like ‘Oh my gosh, we’re doing this again?’ Now, coming back and seeing it I see the tradition with all the memories coming back. It makes it that much more magical,” Anugwom said.

The Orchestra will hold another concert in the spring season. After a successful fall and winter season, students are looking forward to their next performance.

By T.C.