The Comeback of All-Stater, Minson Vo.

The familiar feeling of cold brass under his fingertips after a long summer break without his instrument brought a calming aura through him. He felt confidence through his comfort and allowed himself to bring the music on the page before him to life. Since he placed first at Area and third at State, Minson Vo has grown exponentially. Through his dedication to music and his own success, he’s been able to recreate the All-Region piece, and place first at Phase II auditions held Saturday, December 6.

“I didn’t really change the way I practiced other than time management. I prioritized the ideology of quality over quantity, managing to practice minimally and have a large jump in my progression,” Vo said.

Other than utilizing himself, he also inquires in the musical knowledge of other instructors/professors. As a newcomer to private lessons, any person may think that they’ll simply receive compliments, but that is not the case.

“My instructors gave me a list of things I needed to fix. Even when I thought I’d done enough for the piece and just needed to run through it to fix minor details, there were still things they would notice are flawed with the piece,” Vo said.

All students that placed high enough at auditions were considered for the District, Concert, and Symphonic All-Region Bands. Those that made it into the Concert and Symphonic Band were called to Foster High School for a musical clinic. The clinic would be preparing the students for a concert held the following evening at 7 p.m. on Saturday, December 14.

“I just practiced the music they gave me when I prepared for the concert,” Vo said. “It was a really good concert even with the one rehearsal. It could have been better though…if my friend Tianna Castillo had shown up.”

Vo continues to use any free time he has in order to practice the music for Area. He’s confident he’ll place first again and advance to State. For which his mother has already booked hotels. The family plans on celebrating his advancement that is sure to come true.

“I think I’m going to do quite well actually. Area and State are really fun experiences for me and let me know just how much I improve from year to year,” Vo said.

Juggling academics and other organizations along with his accomplishments in fine arts has become second hand to him now. With the year coming to a close, and Area auditions fast approaching, he’s more focused than ever.

By T.C.